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Product Owner for Grockit (a Kaplan company).
Email me at jeffnovich [] gmail

Companies/Products I created:
Patient Communicator | half patient portal half CRM for doctors (was part of the Blueprint Health accelerator)
Poachbase | find talent at floundering startups
Fare/Share | iOS app for sharing taxis
VocabSushi | learn vocab from news
Cnvrge | meet people via SMS
Supermarket Classroom | teach your child while shopping | foursquare for the 99% | online SAT prep
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Let me know if you or someone you know wants this and I’ll put you in touch with the head of product strategy/mgmt at Serve at Amex.  This is a product management role (not product development - more like strategy, customer experience, product roadmap, etc.) and ideal candidates are smart, super motivated w/ some product strategy/mgmt experience.  Great opportunity for up and comers… email me at jeffnovich at gmail

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