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Product Owner for Grockit (a Kaplan company).
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Patient Communicator | half patient portal half CRM for doctors (was part of the Blueprint Health accelerator)
Poachbase | find talent at floundering startups
Fare/Share | iOS app for sharing taxis
VocabSushi | learn vocab from news
Cnvrge | meet people via SMS
Supermarket Classroom | teach your child while shopping | foursquare for the 99% | online SAT prep
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This is one of my favorite episodes of my all time favorite show.  In it, Gob Bluth encounters the word circumvent.  Michael defines it simply as “to go around”.  Gob then uses it incorrectly (and pronounces it wrong) in several situations.

"Excuse me while I circumvent you.”

"I think I know someone who’s going to circumvent the law.”

This is exactly what VocabSushi is for!

Here’s the clip:

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