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Patient Communicator | half patient portal half CRM for doctors (was part of the Blueprint Health accelerator)
Poachbase | find talent at floundering startups
Fare/Share | iOS app for sharing taxis
VocabSushi | learn vocab from news
Cnvrge | meet people via SMS
Supermarket Classroom | teach your child while shopping | foursquare for the 99% | online SAT prep
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We were in the supermarket near us (Central Market) and I noticed this gigantic tub of Nutella.  I’ve seen it before, but always assumed it was just a prop.


It’s 5Kg of Nutella with a pricetag of $59.99.  So of course I had to do some math and see how that compared to the smaller 13Oz (371 gram) standard tubs on the left, priced at $4.40.

Turns out, if you’re willing to forego the novelty of a hilariously oversized Nutella jar, it’s more cost effective to get the same amount in small jars.

At $4.40 for 371 grams, you’ll get 5Kg for $59.30, 69 cents cheaper!

But this grocery is running a deal right now: 2 small jars for $7!

So at $7 for 742 grams (2*371 grams), 5Kg will cost $47.17, for a savings of almost $13.  In other words, the bigger tub is actually marked up more than 25% from the smaller.

So much for savings in bulk.  Yay math!