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All the teams that participated celebrated at a big Spotify/Coke party with performances by Chiddy Bang and Savoir Adore.  We celebrated just a little bit harder as the winners of the hackathon.  Here are some fun photos:

Alex Tandy (part of the team) wrote a fantastic blog post chronicling the team’s progress from start to finish. Here’s a highlight:

4:00 a.m. Apparently Toby writes a MongoDB driver.

4:15 a.m. “Flags. I love flags.” -Me

4:20 a.m. “Mr. text-box-man, how is your text box coming?” -Me

4:28 a.m. “mur mur mur mur mur mur mur” -David

4:30 a.m.: var sleep = “I wish I was sleeping.”;


There was a press conference last week with Coke and Spotify. Here are a few articles about that and what’s about to happen with our app.  (Our team name is “London Calling”.)  More links at the bottom.

New York Times:

Coke recently hosted a Spotify “hack day,” in which programmers huddled to develop music apps that would work on the music program. The winning app, called London Calling, will be introduced during the Olympic Games in London this summer, as part of the wave of marketing and promotion that Coke does during each Olympics. In recent years, that wave has often involved music.


Spotify will help Coca-Cola look cool by injecting them into the conversation of music fans.  In addition, the two partnered this past weekend to host a friendly competition between 6 different hack teams.  The winner, named “London Calling,” will be an integral part of the public launch of this partnership.

The first example will be the addition of the Spotify Play Button to Coca-Cola’s Facebook page — the most popular brand page on Facebook, according to Ek, with over 40 million fans. The idea sprang from a recent Spotify Hack Day in New York from the “London Calling” team.

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